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Joker Gaming,Micro Gaming,Simple Play,Funky Games,Evo play,Habanero
Joker Gaming,Micro Gaming,Simple Play,Funky Games,Evo play,Habanero

Haobet77 Myanmar’s Premier GamblingSite For Elite Players

Haobet77 is quickly taking over Myanmar’s gambling scene with an unbeatable reputation as a top platform. This is the premier playground for top gamblers from all over the nation and abroad.
You will love the fun graphics, website design, impressive selection of games, and several other features that rank us among the best. With the booming gambling business in the region, we offer nothing but the crème de la crème experience for our players, whether local or international.

So, what games can you play at Haobet77?

Our Haobet77 gambling platform is home to all categories of casino games that you can imagine. This includes slots, live betting, table games, and many more. If you are looking for specifics, below are the games that you can enjoy at our gambling site.


Joker 123 needs no introduction to the gambling community, especially if you are from Myanmar. This is an outstanding iGaming studio and casino where you can find the best slot titles, such as Thunder God, Aladdin, Hot Fruits, and Octagon Gem. They currently have more than 90 slot games, making them the best in the category.

This studio also has the best fish games, including crowd favorites such as Hai Ba, Fish Hunter Spongebob, Da Sheng Nao Hai, and Monster awaken. Every game title from this casino/studio has immersive graphics, great gameplay, and high scalability, so you will have tons of fun.

Apart from the fantastic game selection game, Joker123 Myanmar also has some of the best offers meaning you can earn up to 500,000 Myanmar Kyats just with a new deposit.

JDB Games

JDB Games is another very recognizable name among gambling aficionados in and around Myanmar. It doubles as a casino/gaming provider, so you will find it among the top online casinos in the country.

This iGaming brand is famous for its arcade games, but of course, you can also play everything from slots, fishing, and lottery. Among the top names are Qiang Zhuang Niuniu, Tongbi Niuniu, Sangong, and Minesweeper.


For the best 777 games in Myanmar, 77kayt is the best choice. Here you can enjoy live betting, fisher game, slots, live sports, and other casino games. HooHeyHow and HiLo are the titles from this provider that are every player’s favorite.

This casino/gaming provider is also among the few that has poker, bar, and casino table games, so you will surely have a good time.


This is also a casino/ game provider where you will find everything from video games, sports, slots, lottery, live casino, and Pokdeng. jdbXR is famous not only for its fantastic game selection but for its quick deposit and withdrawal features.

You will also love that this iGaming brand from Myanmar offers attractive bonuses, a seamless user interface, and great customer service 24/7.

Not convinced yet? Below are the top reasons why Haobet77 is a favorite for all gamblers – beginner or veteran.

What makes Haobet77 the best choice to play today?

Immersive UI

As you log in to our gambling platform, striking graphics and the realistic feel of a brick-and-mortar casino greet you. Everything from the colorful designs and the bold fonts to the fun colors of the games makes our platform a fun and entertaining place to hang out.

But that’s not all; Haobet77 runs exceptionally smooth on desktops, browsers, tablets, and smartphones, making it very convenient to access it from anywhere. Our top Myanmar gambling site is, of course, available free for download on browsers and the Android platform.

You will also love that our website has options for Thai, Chinese, English, and Burmese language so you can navigate like a pro.

Casino and eSport

We offer a complete LA experience, so you will find a separate casino jam-packed with top games such as baccarat, poker, and many slot machine. Regardless of whether you love the classic casino games or the simple ones, we have your back.

Considering that eSport is taking over the gambling industry, we also have it in our inventory, so you do not feel left out. Now you can bet on live sports such as soccer in the comfort of your home, whenever you want.

Best game developers

Another fantastic reason why Haobet77 stands out from the many online gambling sites in the country is the game selection that comes from the best in the industry. Our gaming studio partners include SA Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Joker, JDB, and Pragmatic Play.

Because all our games come from these incredible iGaming brands, the games have immersive graphics, high RTP, and an endless choice of game titles.

Irresistible promotions and rewards

If you check out any of the top gambling sites from around the world, you will be greeted by several bonuses, offers, and promotions – and we are no different. You will have limitless options with promotions, rewards, and bonuses to rival any gambling site.

Here are the best ones:

  • Daily attendance bonus
  • Special football cashback of up to 100%
  • New register bonus
  • VIP daily bonus of up to 200%
  • Slot welcome bonus of up to 300%
  • Daily rebate for specific games of 4 and 5%
  • Daily rebate for all games up to 7%
  • 2x daily 50% bonus
  • Free 4d jackpot

In addition, we have a dedicated reward where you can get anything from electronic products, in-game diamonds, electronics, and soccer merchandise such as T-shirts. If you’re looking for something different, don’t forget to check out the phone top-up gift cards, including ones for Telenor, MyTel, MTP, and Ooredoo.

That is not all. Haobet77 affiliate is also a highly sought-after program that allows you to make passive income and is a great choice for game developers, brand owners, and influencers.

Payment and support

A key component of a great online gambling site is the multiple payment methods, and we have it for you. Deposit and withdraw from Haobet77 using your digital wallet or bank transfer. You might also want to know that we have Myanmar’s first e-wallet system for our players, which means that the transfer of credits is automatic, and all you need is your active phone number.

And, of course, we have two Viber lines, live chat, and telephone support from friendly customer agents to answer all your queries.

Choose Haobet77 today and start winning!


1,000 MMK Deposit = 1 Point